I have retired from selling and keeping reptiles.

This is my 3rd and final retirement in 20+ years.

First time my house was hit by a tornado and had to sell out. I had 30 Ornates in a spare bed room at that time.

Second time retired I had like 4 major surgeries in 4 years.

Third time is real. Finally had to admit that I cant keep up with 20-30 lizards at a time anymore.

Those of you that know me know I love Uromastyx as a species and although I no longer work with them they remain my absolute favorite vegetarian lizard!

Thank you for your interest in Uromastyx!

Kindest regards,

Troy Jones


My article was published in this months Reptiles Magazine!!

Click here  http://www.reptilesmagazine.com/Lizards/Ornate-Uromastyx-Care-and-Breeding-Tips/

Uromastyx Care sheet / Quick reference  by Troy Jones

Captive care and breeding of the Ornate Uromastyx  (U.o.ornatus) by Troy Jones

This article appeared in a different form with photographs in Volume 6 No. 3 of the Reptilian Magazine

Please note that this Reptilian Magazine article was published over 10 years ago and many recommendations have changed over the years.

Danny Molco and Ben David Osnat. Study of wild populations of U.ornates. Data was collected from spring 1996 until winter 2000.

Uromastyx care sheet by Jill M. Patt, DVM

 Photo of Mali Male from Deer Fern Farms



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