John Castellanos Uromastyx Pictures


John has been kindly emailing me pictures over the years and I thought
I would share some of them.

Please do not use any of these pictures without John Castellanos  permission.


John Castellanos "John-C Reptiles"


03/17/14 John Castellanos has been producing cb Petrosaurus offspring since 2002.

Here is John Castellanos Safe Petrosaurus Breeding 101 as he emailed it to me.

03/17/14 John Castellanos wrote

Over those years I have learned how to get the girls bred safely and quickly but most important - without injury!

I just got tired of the males chasing the females while trying to catch them by the neck and often ending up with a front leg between their jaws. If the female is quick enough a male's slower strike could end up on her tail and of course the females would drop their tails out of fear. So now, I have been trying a much safer way of getting them eggs fertilized!

Sometimes females have become combative as the tide can quickly turn as she chases the male away and males can actually become "gun shy" for the remainder of that season.

When I begin to see the male's markings on the rocks and notice the females putting a little weight on is when I separate the girls for a week or two. This keeps the males anxious and eager to breed when the females are brought back in for some timely conjugal visits.

Here's a great trick I've learned after years of experience in breeding these petros. I do not just drop the girls in with the anxious males. Instead I hold on to her hind quarters and simply hold them near him while occasionally giving her a tiny shake so as to mimic her answering the male's head gyrations. Usually within a few seconds he slowly approaches and taps her on the side of her neck to test her to see if she will snap back toward him. Then he makes his move with an accurate strike to her neck.

Just after he adjusts his grip on her neck is when I slowly release  my grasp and back away. Within the next minute he will attempt to lift her tail and soon after he does, copulation occurs.

After they separated, I take her out and put her back with the other girls. Depending on how quick the gravid colors show on the girls, I may repeat the visits (3-4 times) in the following week or two which is roughly every 2-4 days. This allows the male to rest up and the female to de stress.

I do have one male that just goes nuts when he knows he will be entertaining a female guest. For this one male I do just drop the female in. He usually strikes with lightning speed and always hits his mark but I just don't feel my fingers should be anywhere near that female when he strikes lol. 

Here's a pic of one female (#2) I was holding for this male but I clicked off the pic as he was shaking her a little while adjusting his grip but shook he and the female plum out of focus lol.

Also same male while breeding female (#3) today for their fourth and final time this season.




John Castellanos - U.o.ornatus


Black male Juvenile Ornate Uromastyx 2010. CB BY Lindsay Pike - Raised by John Castellanos.

8 months later black male Juvenile Ornate changing from gray to blue.

Picture is a subadult female (raised from hatchling age) and next to her is the yearling John got from Lindsay recently.

He is almost as black as the first black little ornate was early on so John is seriously thinking they could both be from Lindsay's beautiful lime ornate.

2 year old subadult ornate. CB BY Lindsay Pike - Raised by John Castellanos.


John Castellanos - U.philbyi pair.

U.philbyi female.

John Castellanos - U.acanthinurus

John Castellanos - U.acanthinurus werneri

John Castellanos - U. maliensis

John Castellanos - U. maliensis / Male mimic


John Castellanos - U. aegypticus  and U. aegypticus (microlepis)

John Castellanos - U. o. ocellatus (Sudanese)

John Castellanos - U.benti ( mountain/rainbow/)


John Castellanos - Orange Benti Uromastyx (U. benti {benti)



John Castellanos - Redback Chuckwalla

John Castellanos "John-C Reptiles"


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